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This public, non-commercial webtool has been constructed solely for the purpose of investigational use by scientific researchers, regulatory professionals, and other interested parties. This webtool is not meant to be used, among others, for commercial purposes or the automatic generation of commands for this website's facilities by other computers. While the Allermatchtm website aims at providing data that are as accurate as possible to the current state of knowledge, website users are strongly recommended to check the data and outcomes that they retrieve from this website against original scientific literature and other sources of information. No rights or damage can be claimed based on data provided and/or generated by this website and its facilities, including, but not limited to, information, search facilities, and outcomes of search actions carried out with the aid of the data and search facilities made available to website users. The sequences of proteins stored in the website's database have been obtained from third party databases and are therefore liable to these third party database provider's copyrights (See copyright statement). Users should respect the third party database providers rights to the sequence information. Data obtained through this webtool may be published without the explicit written consent of the webtool owners, provided that the data characteristics are not modified and the webtool is acknowledged as the source of these data, while the acknowledgement should include the webtool's name Allermatchtm, its URL http://allermatch.org/, and the date of its last update during use. Notwithstanding the previous statements, neither the authors' nor third party database provider's rights should be affected.
Questions: Dr. Gijs Kleter