About us

This webtool has been constructed through a joint effort of RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety and Plant Research International, both part of Wageningen University and Research Center in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Both partners also participate in the Allergy Consortium Wageningen (ACW; http://www.allergymatters.org).

RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety (http://www.rikilt.wur.nl) is specialised in food safety research, including the safety of genetically engineered foods and animal feed. For example, RIKILT develops advanced methods for detection- and safety testing- of genetically engineered foods. In addition, RIKILT advises national and international authorities on the safety of genetically engineered foods and feed.

Participants for RIKILT in this project are Plant Research International (http://www.pri.wur.nl) carries out research in all fields of plant science, including plant biotechnology and genomics. It has a proven track record in the field of bioinformatics applied to genomics and proteomics of plants and other organisms, such as Arabidopsis thaliana, tomato, potato and Lactobacillus plantarum.

Participants for Plant Research International in this project are Dr. J.P. Nap (janpeter.nap@wur.nl), and Dr. A.D.J. van Dijk (aaltjan.vandijk@wur.nl)

Allergen sequences were compiled by Dr.ir. Gijs A. Kleter (gijs.kleter@wur.nl) and Dr. Ad A.C.M. Peijnenburg (ad.peijnenburg@wur.nl)

The sequence search facility is provided by Applied Bioinformatics Group from Plant Research International. The web server software is written in Python  and is hosted by an apache webserver using mod_python.